SF#1 2000 – The first Fling was put on by Brian Cannon (Silversurfer). I missed this one as I had just moved to AZ, but I hear that Brian outdid himself and got rave reviews (and a Titus frame) from his fans.

SF#2 2001 – Justin (Canonball) and Alan S hosted #2. They organized the rides, SoMo party, and a feast in Sedona… it was a great time but took a huge amount of organization. They learned NOT to tell park services that an organized group of 100+ people was going to descend on the trails (liability issues) and from then the fling has become an “unorganized group of friends” meeting up on the trail.

SF#3 2002 – http://www.inficad.com/~srn/ ScottN, Bugaroo, Jeff (Mtberzrkr), Charlene, ?. This Fling was in two parts with Phx/Tucson in March and Prescott/Sedona/Flag in May. I was not a part of this fling so my memory of it is zippo. From the archive posts it looks like it was a small but fun gathering.

SF#4 2003 – http://archive.mtbr.com/00/0EF8767D.php This was PaulB’s first fling and it was spectacular!! Parties, swag, t-shirts… he outdid himself but perhaps set the bar too high. Along with lots of others, I pitched in where I could organizing the SoMo party details and helping to recruit ride leaders.

SF#5 2004 – http://archive.mtbr.com/00/0EFE3F3A.php – Paul was struck in early 2004 with personal issues so AZMikey, ScottN, and Chupacabra and I took the lead. We toned it way down in terms of hype but had a great big turnout and did come up with some great t-shirts thanks to art by fixed-gear Rudy down in Tuscon.

SF#6 2005 – http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=155144&highlight=AZSF05 Paul returns and puts on a good show with rides Wed-Sun from Tucson to Sedona. Paul again gathered lots of swag for the Friday SoMo party. CJ also had a swag-fest and hosted a post-Milagrosa dinner at his house on Thursday. Saturday Sedona was rained out but the party lived on in Phx in small isolated groups. As I recall, Sunday was sort of a free-for-all with groups scattered about.

SF#7 2006 – http://www.mountainbikearizona.com/azsf06/ Paul was back again this year but with no volunteers coming forth to help with the swag collection he decided to focus in 2006 on riding. Based on the success of the previous year, great rides were organized in Tucson/Phx/Sedona/Prescott but we were met with foul weather on both Sat and Sun. Some stuck it out and dodged the rain… others lounged in hot tubs across the valley

SF#8 2007 – DurtGurl
SF#9 2008 chadfbrown and DurtGurl

SF #10 2009 Azepic and CactusJoe