When: March 10-14, 2010

What: An informal gathering of mountain bikers of all abilities to ride the best trails in Arizona.

How do I register?

You don’t have to. This is a free event, totally informal and supported by volunteer efforts by Arizona locals.

What should I bring?

Bike: Bring whatever bike you’d like. We have people on rigid singlespeeds, hardtails, ultraswank full-suspension racers, beaters, freeride bikes, whatever. Most trails are pretty rough in Arizona, and people generally prefer suspension but there’s no hard and fast rule.

Water: Lots of water. Bring a 100oz bladder at a minimum. One or two bottles of Gatorade each ride are recommended. Pre-hydrate as much as possible.

First aid kit: Band-aids, straight plastic comb (for cactus), neosporin, etc.

Sunscreen: The sun is brutal in Arizona, even in the spring. Lube yourself up every single day, rain or shine.

Body armor: If you plan on taking the advanced rides, bring armor. The terrain is unforgiving – cactuses and rocks will send you home with more than memories.

Tubes: Lots of opportunities for flats.

Flat protection: Slime and/or spinskins highly recommended for all the thorns and sharp rocks. Tubeless systems work well for fighting cactus thorns. Heavy-sidewall tires recommended for advanced rides.

Layers: See “weather” above.

Camping supplies: Flingers have enjoyed camping in past years at Beaver Flats in Sedona. See Chad on Friday for directions to that. We generally all drive up after the Friday party, set up camp, and stay until Sunday morning. On Sunday, Black Canyon Trail is about 45 minutes away, so we cruise down there for some excellent riding.

Camping Options

The camping options in Phoenix are pretty far away from South Mountain. Here are some of the options nn Phoenix: Usery Pass, McDowell Mountain Park, or White Tanks.

In Sedona, we will all be camping at Beaver Flat just south of town (I will have some maps at the Friday SoMo Party). If you want to just meet us there, turn west on Beaver Flat and take your second right, you will see a big flat area. We will be camping there on Friday and Saturday night.

Phoenix Hotel Options (near South Mountain)

Here ares some suggested hotels that are about $40-80:

Grace Inn

Ride level definitions

C: Easy rides are just that:

Relaxed pace, short distances, no lung-busting climbs and no dangerous descents. The pace will be friendly, the emphasis on enjoying the scenery and riding your bike in a non-competitive environment. Expect to be on your bike 2-3 hours.

B: Intermediate rides are your mainline meat-and-potatoes mountain bike rides:

A good mix of climbing and descending, a faster pace, but still social and fun. If you’re normally a strong rider in your home environment but you’ve been off your bike because of winter, this is a good place for you to be. Intermediate rides often share portions of the advanced rides. Rides are 3-5 hours.

A: Advanced rides are soul-crushing epics:

They start sooner, end later, and will be both physically and technically demanding. If you’re not at the top of your game, I strongly recommend joining an intermediate ride. If you ARE at the top of your game, consider joining one or two of these advanced rides. If you’re certifiably insane, go for the four-pack. You will be in pain. Rides are 5-8 hours.

MTBR Arizona Spring Fling Facebook Page

The Official MTBR Spring Fling Thread a place you can ask any question and get a super fast response from someone that cares

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